Roots, Rocks n Ridges

Roots Rocks n Ridges


Pat Wallace was our overall winner. Andy August, owner of Park Ave pushed him all day coming in at a close 2nd.

Beth DelGenio overall women.

The race was hard and long, just as we wanted.

Thanks to all that came out and battled the elements for the 2010 Roots Rocks n Ridges.

We need to thank Melissa and Ben for helping with the course maintenance and leaf blowing as well as Sam and Bo for helping with leaf blowing, huge help. Obviously WNYMBA has developed a perfect lay of singletrack so go to and join. Thanks to all of the marshalls, registration and dinner help. How about Dan from the Ellicottville Brewing Co for hooking up the Octoberfest and Blueberry beer? Good, good stuff from Pete at Just Riding Along in Bradford, PA for some great prizes. Support your local bike shop! Thanks again to Mayer Bros for hooking us up with water and cider. Thank you also to Holiday Valley and Holimont for ski passes and gift certificates from A New Beginning Massage and Spa on Monroe St., Ellicottville.

I hoped you liked the “Old School Mtb Race” as we will host Roots, Rocks n Ridges again for 2011.


  1. Pat Wallace 2:41:24 Ellicottville Bike Shop

  2. Andy August 2:43:42 Park Ave

  3. Doug Rusho 2:47:39 Tyron Bike

  4. Mark Walters 2:55:51

  5. Scott Miller 2:55:57 Ellicottville Bike SHop

  6. Nathan Stewart 3:01:12

  7. Ben Bixby 3:02:22

  8. Ben Shaklee 3:09:41 Ellicottville Bike Shop

  9. Pete Dzirkalis 3:17:09 Just Riding Along

  10. Mark Jackson 3:18:12 Just Riding Along

  11. Todd Fiore 3:18:42 WNYMBA

  12. James Pateniti 3:20:54 Olean Cycling Club

  13. Pete Muench 3:22:52 Park Ave

  14. Brian Boroweic 3:23:18 Pearl Street

  15. Ken Kazmierczak 3:34:28 Ellicottville Bike Shop

  16. Gordan Jones 3:37:33 Park Ave

  17. Beth Delgenio 3:50:44 Ellicottville Bike Shop

  18. Velociped Jones 3:56:21 WNYMBA

  19. Joe Catalano 3:58:52 WNYMBA

  20. Keith Pellerin 3:59:57 Pearl Street

  21. Mike Weber 4:02:10 Ellicottville Bike Shop

  22. John Vorbergor 4:26:26

  23. Melissa Hendrickson 4:29:51 Ellicottville Bike Shop

  24. Jason Bixby DNF

  25. Al Bella DNF

  26. Tom Kapturowski DNF Ellicottville Bike Shop


1. Health McCombs 2:13:01 Olean Cycling Club

2. Eric Ingalsbe 2:29:28

3. Rick Friedman 2:29:31

4. Mike Dempski 2:34:03 Extreme Faith Racing

5. Brian Phillips 2:36:50 Phabb Racing

6. Mike Griffin 2:38:55

7. Pat Rood 2:43:01

8. Andrew Flynn 2:44:54 Just Riding Along

9. Craig Burbules 2:45:34

10. Ann August 2:47:36 Park Ave

11. David Krystaf 2:59:32 WNYMBRO

12. Dan Rabb 3:05:13 Phabb Racing

13. Cathy Martin 3:11:50 NAMBA

14. Brad Wilcox 3:11:57 NAMBA

15. Keith Martin DNF NAMBA

This is a Western New York classic mtb race.

This is an almost all singletrack race on Eville’s World Famous Singletrack. We pay cash to the overalls and put on a nice spread afterward!

October 3rd Sunday

-Start Time 11a.m.

-Registration 9-10:30a.m.

-Must be registered by 10:30a.m.

-Registration and post race party at the Ellicottville Village Park

Same as last year Rt 219 to Fillmore to Parkside Drive easy to get to.

-Race start will be at Holimont this year.

The start is about 1 mile from the village park.

               –The race will again finish at the bottom of Eagle Trail. 

Eagle is about 3 miles from the park.  Rt219 south to Eagle Forest Road.             

Expert Course – About 25 almost all singletrack miles.

Rocks, Roots, Logs, Ups, Downs, Dips, Dives and Deeks

Sport Course – About 18 almost all singletrack miles.

Cost is $30-

This is what you get for your hard earned money…


-A killer workout worthy of some beers and a big plate of food

-Water and banana stop on the long course

-A pint glass

-Tom’s Smokin’ BBQ pork sandwich and or vegetarian pasta

-A little something from Ellicottville Brewing Co

-Cash if you are 1 of the first 3 to cross the finish line for the long course or the top female long course.

-Awards for class winners

-We will have some prizes also

You do not have to pre-reg but it does help with the race.

Registration Form

Info – or 716-699-BIKE or 716-200-7455

Here are the 2009 results…Expert  Sport















 Keeping it real with

“Old Fashion Mtb



Trail Updates:


Thanks to the crew of about 10 that came out today so that we could finish the re-route around the tornado damage.  This new trail will allow us to ride killer singletrack on the way back from Little Rock City.


A couple of us are going to ride the long course tomorrow, Tuesday at about 9.  Come and join us if you would like.  We should have exact mileage of the long course tomorrow afternoon.


The long course turns out to be 23.5 tough miles with 2500 feet of climbing. There is about 1.5 miles of climbing on doubletrack and maybe a mile on dirt roads in the current course layout, therefore the majority of the race is on sweet singletrack


We have started to deberm the low spots and cut back face slappers to keep the trails in top condition.



We have been hiking some of the trails to knock the berms down and open up the water holes.  This will keep the trails a little more dry in case of rain.  The trails are riding really well right now.


course map